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Here is what others have had to say about their involvement in Falcons Footy

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I'm writing this letter on behalf of my son Byron and Myself to express our gratitude for being able to be apart of the Sunshine Coast Falcons football program.

The support both the Club and Players have offered our children has been nothing but professional. We have loved and appreciated the time spent with Byron and all of the children, especially for them to take time out of their days to spend time with them.

In a world where Byron feels he don't fit in, your programme enabled him to feel like he could run the world. You have given him the opportunity to stand out and feel like every other child.

The encouragement that Byron now posses has offered him the courage to open up a whole new world. He now has the ability to and confidence to try anything.

While Byron has been involved in the program he has grown in leaps and bounds. Your players have taught all the children, not just Byron, the basics to playing football and enabling them to be apart of something they may otherwise struggle to be apart of in the competitive competitions.

When Byron first started Football at Easter he hated it but has since come along way. He wants to play, he follows Football and he loves Football. These being things I would not have though he would enjoy.

He has made new friends, he enjoys seeing their faces and he loves getting to interact with other children. He now finds joy in being active.

He has a new found confidence within himself and I am so grateful for the opportunities that your great program has given him and the new doors it has opened.

As a Mother who has watched her son struggle and not fit in, I thank you all for all of your time and efforts given for allowing our kids to be apart of something truly special.

Amanda Gabriel

I am writing this to let you know how grateful my son and myself are for the sc falcons footy program for children with different abilities.

Our family love footy and when the falcons footy started this program we jumped at the chance. We all play sport but with Brandon's asd it's hard for him to follow instructions.

This program gives him the perfect chance to really be involved in footy. It's not only great for their bodies but their minds also and for any 6 year old child the excitement of seeing all the footy players there is just an amazing experience.

The program teaches the kids so much in so many ways and I really just want to thank you

Warm thanks
Leah Morrison